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Lyrics Booklet + download code
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This first paperback edition is a limited time offer. Throughout its 48 pages you will find lyrics for the new King of the Highway EP as well as the previous Southern Sky EP and even some yet unreleased material. Photographed documentary of the recording process, scanned original manuscripts and rich pictures accompany the pages. The last section also includes a collection of unpublished poems. This was an independent effort and therefore was achieved by way of self-publication. The songwriting process is a wide world to explore and the words do tell a tale. If you are someone who cares about the story behind the song then this one’s for you.

* Includes unlimited streaming of King of the Highway via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more

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King of the Highway EP
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Handmade CDs with design artwork by: Gonzales de le Muerte

Recorded at Parkhaus Studio in Koeln, DE by sound engineer: Albert Gabriel

Mastered at Monoposto in Duesseldorf, DE by: Michael Schwabe

Track Titles written on a 1920s typewriter.

CD looks like a vinyl and even has grooves!

What you will receive is the highest quality physical embodiment of my work to date. Everything was recorded using analog equipment from the 70s. We recorded on a Sunday and were the only ones using the studio. Albert had the idea to open the door where I was recording and to catch a natural reverb effect by placing microphones down the hallway and in the kitchen area. Everything even throughout the mastering process was all accomplished with the use of analog tapes. Check out my instagram account to see what I’m talking about ;) tssteel_official @ Instagram

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